Thursday, January 26, 2012

Rock Climbing

Here is Sam at an indoor rock climbing wall...go SAM!

The Backstage Zoo Pass

We went to the zoo last week and went directly to the Reptile House (of course) and met the herpetologist who took us backstage and showed us all of the lizards that are not on display. She let us hold many of them and Sam was in HEAVEN!!!! I think a leopard gecko might be in our future....

Tyler's Harem

Tyler went to a lovely birthday party at a chi-chi restaurant and was surrounding by his ladies, most of whom are from his class.

Going to Synagogue

I got to read from the Torah this past Shabbat and the boys wanted to look extra special for the occasion.

MLK March

Sam and his friends, Owen and Anna, completed the 2.5 mile MLK march last Monday. We had a great time talking about freedom, racism and Rosa Parks. In fact, San Antonio's MLK march is the biggest in the country, attracting over 125,000 walkers, interesting for a city with only 8% African American population.

Monster Trucks

As we were leaving Sam's school last week, we saw a lot of commotion at the Auto Parts store and sure enough, the Avenger had come to make an appearance. Sam and Tyler were besides themselves and couldn't wait to sit right inside the tire. Sadly they missed the Monster Jam this year as it coincided with Sam's basketball is to next year. Go Avenger!

Sam's First Lost Tooth

Sam's bottom adult teeth have already started to poke in behind his front two baby teeth and he was trying desperately to wiggle them out. In the midst of getting ready to go to Houston, he was eating strawberries (of all things) and it came right out. He is now working on the second loose tooth.

Houston Trip

Over the school vacation, we decided to spend the Christmas weekend in Houston, which is a mere 3 hours from San Antonio. We had a great time exploring and the boys especially loved eating in their hotel room and viewing the King Tut exhibit. We went to the Aquarium as well and had a great time.

Hotel Chanukah

We took a trip to Houston, menorah in tow, and enjoyed lighting the candles in the hotel. The boys also loved the Children's Museum, the King Tut exhibit at the Art Museum, the Science Museum and hotel life which included room service!

Pajama Chanukah

Here are the boys enjoying some candle lighting. We had a fantastic Chanukah and this was just one of our very special nights.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sam's Piano Recital #2

Here is another song performed by Sam. Great job!

Sam's Piano Recital #1

Here is Sam performing on the piano.

Tyler's Chanukah Performance

Here is our performer and all of his Chanukah spirit at the Heintz Preschool Chanukah Show.

Gema and Grandpa loved the show, thanks for coming. In our neighborhood this year, for the first time, along with all of the Christmas decorations stood a huge, bright menorah. I guess we do truly live in the shtetl of San Antonio.

The Polar Express

Here is Sam performing the Polar Express with his entire kindergarten class. There were many Christmas songs and a lovely Chanukah song as well. Well, our first public school December experience and it was tough on the sole Jewish boy in his class and possibly only one out of a handful in the entire 800+ student school. Let's just say that we had a fantastic Chanukah party put on by the Piesman family along with help from Gema and Grandpa, thanks to all for making Sam feel less 'left out'.

Tyler the Conductor

One thing that Tyler loves is music, as well as dance and dress-up and putting on a good show. He loves his weekly music class with Mrs. Anita, a wonderfully patient teacher. Here Tyler has been charged with conducting a bunch of 3 year olds, rowdy bunch for sure, but he appears to have command of the musicians. Go Tyler!

Two Very Different Boys

Well, this week, they were at least, most of the time, they enjoy the same pursuits. Here is Tyler in the aisle at Target enjoying some gun range time and here is Sam painting a masterpiece. Cowboy and Artist!

Brotherly Love

This is from the Thanksgiving 1/4 mile run, but it shows just how much of a true big brother Sam has become. Here you can see him holding his hand and then gently putting his hand on his back leading him to the finish line. I just thought this was too cute. They actually held hands the entire run!

Vegas Baby

Long overdue, but here are some pictures from our wonderful trip to Las Vegas to celebrate, yes, Mike's 40th birthday. Wow, looking at the posts it sure does look like we celebrated for an entire month (we did)! We had a great time on our first ever Piesman vacation! Can't wait to do it again.

More Mike Birthdays...

Here we are at the steak house for the early bird dinner special!

Mike's Birthday Party

We went to a Hibachi steak house for Mike's birthday, the boys were not too keen on the big flames, but in the end, fun for all.