Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tyler Practicing His Words

Here I am desperately trying to work with Tyler on his vocabulary. As usual, he has other ideas, however, like playing with a dreidel and holding onto his bus.

Tyler Says "NO"

Tyler is nearing his 15 month birthday, and he has a handful of very useful, new words. He can say, "baby", "bubbles", "bye bye", "bye bye bubbles", "hi", "cheetah (likely to be quite useful, I am sure)", "agua", "aja (over there in Spanish)", "mommy", "papa" and now, my ultimate favorite, "NO". Here is a rendition of Tyler practicing his "no's".

Sam the Swimmer

Our Sam has certainly turned into quite a fish this summer. He is now able to swim the entire length of our pool. He is diving now, swimming under water (although does not like to go too deep), bobbing, floating on his back and front and really just loving being in the pool. Here is an example of his swimming prowess.

Sam Taking Tyler for A Ride

For Sam, this turned into a great opportunity to really push Tyler around, literally, and with full support of his parents. Tyler truly enjoyed being chauffered around by his big brother.

Tyler Going Shopping

Here is Tyler 'walking' with his shopping cart outside. As you can see, he really enjoys it, I think he is almost ready for HEB (our local grocery store for you non-Texans).

Friday, June 12, 2009

Seesaws and Horses

Margaret and Sam became fast friends. Here you can see Sam giving Margaret a ride on the seesaw, complete with some 'neighs'.

Urban Street Fun in Georgetown

We had a great time at Apple and Michael's. Their home is in Georgetown, directly across the street from basketball and tennis courts and two playgrounds, not to mention walking distance to Dupont Circle, the White House (Sam and I walked it one morning), and Rock Creek Park. Here you can see Margaret and Sam enjoying some "hose down".

Sam's Trip to DC (with mom)

Sam and I went to DC for a mom-son trip last weekend. We were there to visit our good friend, Apple, who is on her 3 1/2 months of bedrest during this third pregnancy. Sam was so excited to see his friends, Margaret and Matty and he met their siblings, Rose and Leo and even saw two new friends, Lucy and Ruby (daughters of my friend, Katie). As you can see, we spend some time at our old condo (the street has not changed one bit), and at Rose Park. It was a great trip for all!

Tyler Trying to Walk

Here is Tyler again, trying to walk. He really has no desire to walk holding hands, but we have seen him try to stand up alone, when he thinks that no one else is looking. He really enjoys this alligator walk-along the best.

The McDonald's Dance Party

We have a wonderful nanny, Martha, who has been with us now for almost 2 years. She has many great attributes and lots of great connections. For starters, her children are very connected to one of the best sushi restaurant chains here in town, and her husband works as an executive at McDonald's. Her husband will often send her to our house with the newest happy meal treats to give to Sam and Tyler. Here is a short clip of Sam and one of his best buddies, Jacob, dancing to the music that is being played out of one of these Happy Meal figurines. Thank you Alejandro!

Fun Times

Here are a few shots that show Sam and Tyler enjoying breakfast. The whole family lighting candles with our friends, the Brauners (Jacob, Beth and Carly), to bring in Shabbat and Tyler trying to understand a Bernoulli experiment (you know the one with the air keeping things afloat...).

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Children's Museum, San Antonio

Sam and Tyler had a great time at the Children's Museum downtown San Antonio. Their friend Owen was a good host.

Tyler Learning to Walk

Tyler has been trying to take some long strolls around the house. He's getting better, and soon hopefully will be running after Sam!

Sam being the good big brother making sure Tyler has enough to eat.