Monday, August 31, 2009

Building a House

Here is Sam sitting by the multi-media airport that he constructed. As you can see, this special airport is equipped with a farm, a tractor, a garage and lots of figures. The last picture is of Tyler going for a swing in a bag that we just received, lots of fun.

Tyler, Our Electronics Man

Here is mischievous Tyler looking at the computer and trying to decide which buttons to touch. Invariably, when we return from work, the alarm clocks are all set at different times, the computers have been turned on and off and the TV is showing a bright blue screen. He is just too fast and sneaky, one minute he is playing with his blocks and the next he is fooling around with the remote control. We have hid all of the key components, but he still seems to get into trouble.


Tyler has had a word explosion over the past few weeks. Here he is trying desperately to get some cheese (I think). He asks Mike, who perhaps would understand him if he said circ, or cheese in Russian. Tyler first looks in the trash, there's my boy, then he smartens up and heads to the refrigerator.

How to Get Around the Big Brother

Tyler just loves to be around Sam, but there are times when he cannot seem to find his way around him. Take this moment, for example, here Tyler is trying to 'drive' around Sam, but he just cannot seem to maneuver his car.

Preparing for the Wedding

Here is a GQ shot of Sam heading out to the pool prior to our trip to LA. The other two shots are of the boys and I reading, Sunrise, Sunset, a book about Jewish marriage, I think Michael was listening intently as well (given that he was officiating his friend, Zack's wedding, in just a week).

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tyler and the 'Mingos

Tyler loves the legless flamingos in the yard, except he continues to call them 'ducks'. Sam keeps teaching him the difference between the two, but Tyler loves to quack at them nonetheless.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

More Smiles

Tyler and Sam are really enjoying hanging out with each other. Sam is trying to teach him new words, his latest is, "look, this!" Sam says that he taught him that, we believe that he did.

Fun Turning on Lights

No matter how many toys we may have in our home, the most fun is usually had doing something very ordinary. Here you see Sam and Tyler, just waking up, giggling about turning on and off the bathroom light. Fun, fun, fun!

Dressing Alike

Sam and Tyler love to be twins. It is really exciting for me to see as well, because it is usually one of the only days that Sam decides not to wear mesh basketball shorts.

More Time with Gema and Grandpa

We ended our morning at the farm on a high note, enjoying some burgers and fries at BIGZ. Texas is known for big things, but a triple burger is standard here. The boys ate very well. We then had some nice relaxing time at our local playground with Gema. Tyler is really becoming adept at climbing up the slide.

Time with Grandpa at Fiesta Farm

We spent some time at Fiesta Farm petting and feeding the animals. We had to hold Grandpa back from getting on the pony himself. He really had a ball, I don't think he can even wait to come back to visit.

Feeding the Horses

Here is Sam at the farm, feeding hay to the horses. As you can see, he has successfully riled up a nice tame donkey, too.

Now Onto the Frosting

Not only do we lick the batter, but we love frosting! Thanks, Gema, for helping Sam frost your anniversary cupcakes.

Tyler, Our New Videographer

Here comes Tyler, WATCH OUT! As you can see, he is really into getting his hands on everything, including our little video camera! We really need to hone his skills, for now, however, it is hands everywhere.

Raw Eggs, Anyone?

So, we like organic milk at my house, and we eat Kosher meat, but when it comes to licking the bowl, we are all for it!

Gema and Grandpa's Visit

Gema and Grandpa came to HOT San Antonio last weekend. We had a lovely anniversary dinner (to celebrate their 45th year) together. Then Mike went off to a bachelor party in Tahoe and the three of us spend time with the kids.

Sam Learns How to Use the Computer

Sam just learned how to use the computer, well, at least the mouse. He points the mouse at the appropriate letter and then moves it around the screen, he is so proud of himself.

More Walking

Here is Tyler practicing outside on the concrete! Good Job, Tyler.