Monday, February 14, 2011

San Antonio Rodeo 2011

This is how we roll in San Antonio. Excuse me, cow...

Sam and Tyler are New Army Recruits

Here are Sam and Tyler competing for the most push ups in one minute. Tyler had a good strategy, look him in the eye and try to make him laugh while I continue doing my 'squat ups'. Sam really had great form, a real military man...

Coach Papa and the boys

Mike is the coach for the Mavericks under 7 JCC basketball team that Sam plays on. He is actually having a grand time on the courts.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pony Day

Today was Pony Day at school to coincide with the San Antonio Stock and Rodeo show that comes for 3 weeks in February every year. Fortunately, Sam and Tyler, who do not own any "western gear" were able to borrow cowboy hats from the teachers for the photo opportunities. Maybe next year we will invest in mini-cowboy boots??


Here is a video of the boys playing in the snow...Tyler's first ever, and probably the first that Sam is actually able to remember (he had some sightings when we lived in Boston at the age of 18 months or so).


While I was enjoying balmy weather in Los Angeles, the boys were back home enjoying Tyler's first ever snowfall. It dusted about 1 inch of snow and all schools, federal buildings, mail, banks, etc all closed down for the day. By 10 AM, the snow had melted and the sun warmed the ground to a temperate 60 degrees, so a very quick lived 'snowstorm'. Fun for all.

No Power

When a stiff wind blows here in San Antonio, we often lose power. Here the boys are eating breakfast with a flashlight lighting their cereal bowls. Lots of fun was had building forts and telling ghost stories under the covers that morning.

1,2,3 Jump, Poppy, Jump!

Tyler was poised to catch Mike as he jumped down from a large boulder at our neighborhood playscape. You can see that Mike really has some air in the shot and Tyler is certainly trying to make sure that he doesn't fall....too hard.

"Bring Your Own Wheels Party"

Our friend, Anna, celebrated her 4th birthday at a roller skating rink and we were all happy to have been able to bring our own wheels. I was bummed that I forgot to bring my rollerblades, because I would have loved skating around that rink. The boys each tried some roller skates, but had a tough time staying upright. They really enjoyed their own bike and trike that we had brought from home better.

Welcome Back Party

I hosted a dessert party for 35 of Mike's closest friends when he arrived home. It was great, so much love and support. Here are some of my decorations (thanks mostly to Christina for providing the streamers and other patriotic signage).

Birthday Party

We all went, as a family (which is how we have been traveling lately) to our friend, Eliana's 3rd birthday party. The boys had their faces painted and some balloon animals made and had a great time enjoying the 60 degree January day!

The Homecoming

Well, what did we do when he returned home? Everything! Of course, a celebratory brunch, one of the best in San Antonio, all you can eat buffet, with lovely music, mimosas, bananas foster, and very clean white tablecloths (at least at the start of the meal). Mike took the boys to The Monster Truck Jam. He told me it was a 'boys only' adventure, and I was quite happy to do some 'girly' things alone, oooh, the freedom! I think it is safe to say that we ALL had a great time that day!

Papa's Homecoming

Well, it has been a long time since my last blog post. I would love to say that I have been super busy and overwhelmed with life, but life has actually calmed down quite a bit since my seven month sojourn as a single parent. Mike returned late on 1/2/11 and what a wonderful new year's gift that was. Here are some shots of the boys seeing him first thing in the morning when they awoke (and their clocks turned green, of course). He has now been back for a bit over a month now and things are finally settling in. We are all just so thankful to have him back and, for me, it is wonderful to have my partner home safe and sound. So here are some catch up blog posts, sorry for the delay.