Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Now that Tyler has figured out how to open doors by himself, we're wandering whether we should change all the door handles ! This is him playing peek-a-boo.

Who Can Crawl Faster

And sometimes, when Sam gets very inspired and likes to crawl with his brother and protect him from the perils of opening drawers and cabinets.

Sharing Food At Home

Sam is learning how to be a great big brother. He always makes sure that Tyler has at least two toys in his hand. He always makes sure that when he is eating he gives some food to Tyler (even when it is nuts, syrup or candy!).

Private Time with Papa

Mike and Tyler had some special time over the weekend, they went on long walks, read books and just enjoyed each other's company. Tyler lights up when his Papa walks in the room, that is for sure.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Breakfast with the Boys

Tyler is practicing his fork techniques here while eating pancakes and Sam is really trying to set a nice example. I think, in the end, both boys ate about 6 large pancakes each! I cannot imagine how it will be to feed them when they become teenagers.

Pancakes, Pancakes

We had a lovely Memorial Day Weekend, and enjoyed some special pancakes for breakfast-gluten free, of course, but with some added chocolate chips for Sam! Needless to say, now he wants special pancakes every day.

Too Close or Just Close Enough

Here goes Sam, really showing his love for his brother.

Naked Boy

Tyler's newest game is crawling away when it is bathtime. He often makes it up the stairs by the time we find him and corral him back into the bathroom. I guess he just loves the freedom he gets from crawling around nude.

Swim Time

Here we are enjoying some time in the pool. Tyler is really a natural in the water, the moment he gets in, he starts kicking, splashing with his hands and putting his face in the water. He hasn't perfected the blowing bubbles yet, but he has the swallowing pool water down pat.

Sam "Boxing"

As you can see, Sam has many skills, he can dance to the beat and then punch like a real boxer (thanks, Mike, for teaching him this useful skill). Go Sam Go.


Here we are relaxing and reading...

Tyler Searching Out the Window

Tyler loves to look out the window, sometimes we think he might be begging to get out, other times he just likes to folllow the animals and the birds around in the backyard.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Playing With Trucks and Buses

Just a little clip of Tyler and Sam playing nicely together. As you can see, Tyler is really taking lessons from his big brother.

Tyler Playing Peek-A-Boo

Tyler has recently figured out how to stand up and open the doors. Today, he found himself in the laundry/mud room, and spent a great deal of time opening and closing the door. Every time he opened the door, despite the same scenery on the other side, he looked totally shocked and surprised. Cheap fun, that is for sure.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Tyler "Walking" and Sam "Boxing"

Learning new skills at the Glazier/Piesman household. Here are the boys this past weekend

Friday, May 8, 2009

Cooking Up Some Real Treats

Tyler and Sam enjoyed cooking today. I am not sure what they made but Sam said it was really tasty!

Vroom, Vroom...

Tyler may not be saying true words just yet, but he is a champion of noises. He can 'cluck' like a chicken, 'moo' like a cow, 'wow' at the airplanes up ahead and 'vroom' with his cars. Here he is in his outdoor playroom with his favorite car in hand.

Bumper Cars

Here Sam and Tyler are practicing their driving skills. Thankfully, they are not ready to let loose on the roads outside as you can see from their tendency to crash into one another. Look out!

Heintz Circus/Fair Day

We enjoyed a sweltering day at Sam's preschool circus, fair and fundfaiser. We watched the pre-K class perform a 'circus' and then played outside in the bouncie house, the obstacle course and with lots of balls.