Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dancing King

Sam certainly has rhythm and a style all his own. By the time I got the camera on him, he hammed it up a bit more, but you could tell, deep down, he was feeling the beat and really loved to get his groove on.

Brotherly Love

Here is a nice example of Sam doing some good sharing with his little brother. They were enjoying a concert on the lawn, but I think liked the Veggie Booty even better.

Clay Making in the Park

The Fiesta celebration started last weekend here in San Antonio. It really is like a 2 week Mardi Gras on the Riverwalk. We enjoyed an art festival at the Southwest School of Arts and Crafts and Sam even got to make his own crafty creation. He told me that he made a walrus, a snake, a dinosaur and a bear!

Mike Has Gone Over to the Dark (South) Side

Mike has truly done it...he has become a Texan! He proudly bought a pair of cowboy boots and then donned them for a retirement party/country western gathering. Thankfully, I was not there to witness it all, I imagine a nice girl from New England would feel a bit out of place.

Wagon Time

What a nice luxurious way to get to the park.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dangerous Sliding

Obviously not first time parents...I mean who would let there one year old slide head first into their 3 year old?

Fun at Ward School

We had such a great time at Ward School during our visit to Boston. We all walked to school together (including Gema and our cousin, Kenny). Sam and Tyler had a great time playing with Jason at the park.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spending Time with Our Bostonians

Tyler and Obi

Tyler and Obi became fast friends during our time in Boston. I think Tyler really enjoyed harrassing Obi, by laughing when Obi barked, or following Obi around the room. Sam walked Obi every day and really learned how to keep him on the leash. Obi was such a good sport.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Four Questions

Sam practiced and practiced and then finally had his big debut in Boston singing the Four Questions. He did a great job on night one (of course, I did not get a chance to video that one), and here is night two. Jon helped him a bit, but Sam held his own and really did such an amazing job. I was one proud mom!

Fun in the Airplane (Going to Passover in Boston)

We went on a long plane ride to Boston to spend Passover with the family. Tyler loved looking out his window to watch the clouds go by.

Race for the Cure

We all participated in the Race for the Cure here in San Antonio to raise money for breast cancer. As you can see, when we got to the race, it was still dark outside (about 6:30 AM) which made Sam very happy. He could not understand why he was outside and not in his bed, and why so many people were up so early. Our friend, Faye, wearing pink, was there with us for the race as well, which made us run even faster. Our team came in 4th out of over 100 teams in fundraising, we nearly beat out AT&T and UT! Go Team Faye!

Clowning Around

Nothing to say for these pictures...

Ride Along, Tyler

So much for Tyler getting to play with his baby toys. Sam decided to take out a toy that he hasn't seen for years, supposedly, "for Tyler", and then proceeded to ride around the living room with Tyler chasing after him. Poor guy.

Tyler's New Toys

Tyler had a wonderful birthday and got some great presents from all of his family and friends. Here you can see his delight in opening his presents and finding some great toys inside. Thank you to all of his admirers.

Too Much Love?

Sam is definitely an "aggressive lover". He especially loves his baths with Tyler and his pajama time before bed.