Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Great defense and offense!

Sam really understood the terms defense and offense and used them to his advantage. He still needs to work on following the ball, seen in this video.

Soccer Game

Here are some shots of Sam in action during his soccer game. Happily, he finally "got it" and his game really improved this year. Certainly, the coaching could not have been better, with Mike at the helm, Sam had a great season.

Tent Set-Up

Here Mike is showing off his great tent set ups and the boys enjoying some time awaiting dinner.

More Camping Photos

Here are some more shots of the tent and the set up. I think that the boys did very well.

Canyon Lake

The boys had a great time "fishing" and sitting on the boat. Mike says that it was a bit choppy, adding to the sea sick feeling that a few experienced. No boys went overboard, however, so certainly a success.

Boys Camping Trip

Mike and the boys took a camping trip to Canyon Lake with Ari and Noah and Eli. It appears that they had a great time boating and "roughing" it.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Leslie's 40th Surprise Party

Lisa and I put together a surprise party for Leslie's 40th birthday, and she was VERY surprised. I can't believe we pulled it off. Here is a picture of all the ladies at the party and the fun times.

Heintz Preschool "Circus"

The kids dressed up for a Circus Cafe, well Sam's class did, Tyler was just an honorary member. It was great to be 'waited' on by Sam as he walked me around the classroom reading everything in sight. This crocodile has truly learned a lot.