Monday, July 26, 2010

Hanging Poolside with the Grandparents

We had some nice time in the pool and Sam took the opportunity to work with Grandpa on some puzzles and mazes, who knew Grandpa was so into puzzles??? The boys decided to dress up like twins, with fresh, new clothes from our friend in Portland, Colleen, who likes to outfit the boys in organic cotton...thanks, Colleen!

Swimming with the Grandparents

Here you can see Sam having a blast swimming with Grandpa. Grandpa threw Sam all over the pool and each time Sam re-emerged from the bottom, he was giggling! What a fun treat!

Trip to Gruene

After the flea market, we travelled north to Gruene, Tx (pronounced 'green') and enjoyed a visit to an historic western town. We got to see Gruene Hall where country stars have crooned for over 130 years and ate at the Gristmill Restaurant high above the banks of the Guadeloupe River. Sam and Tyler were enamored with the folks tubing down the river and Gema and Grandpa enjoyed some southern fare.

Bussey's Flea Market

The boys had their first lesson in money management at Bussey's Flea Market. They each had $2 and could spend it on whatever they chose. Sam took his time and really lamented over his choices, he ended up bargaining a nice older woman out of 2 figures, one dinosaur and one lizard, usually 2 for $1, but he got 2 for $0.50, that's my boy! He then added a squishy frog and a truck to make up his $2, but on the ride home, he had buyer's remorse, hoping instead that we could return his items for a squishy snake, maybe next time...Tyler loaded up on cars and trucks, ended up with 3 cars and 1 squishy, but broken, lizard, loved it! Great time had by all. Sadly, Grandpa was unable to find his 'sleeper', but got a nice bracelet instead. I bought nothing and was out $4!

Shabbat Candlelighting

We enjoyed being able to light the Shabbat candles with our family this Friday night. As you can see, even Grandpa donned a Hassidic Yarmulke, what a sport!

Let's Give Tzedakah

Gema and Grandpa came to visit us here in San Antonio this past weekend. We had a lovely Shabbat dinner, thanks to our in-house chef, Grandpa (and solidified jello mold from Gema). Here you can see the boys giving tzedakah in our new tzedakah 'box' that Tyler created at his camp this summer. We have a lot more money to give to fill it up, so if anyone has any spare change out there, feel free to mail it to us to fill up our new 'box'.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Trip Back Home to San Antonio

We had a very prolonged trip back to San Antonio, sadly our flight was delayed about 2 hours in Atlanta and I had some tired boys on my hands. Tried to entertain them by talking to the pilots (so kind of the pilots), listening to music and lots of snacking. But, as you can see by the second picture, they were so tired, even collapsing on our kitchen floor at 5 PM when we arrived home! Great to be away, and great to be back home safely.

Happy Birthday Melissa!

We were so fortunate to be able to celebrate Melissa's 38th birthday with her today. We enjoyed a great morning run (well, Melissa and I did, thanks Mike for taking care of the 4 kids), and then gorged ourselves at West Egg in Atlanta. The kids had banana bread french toast, which looked incredible and even had cupcakes for birthday dessert. Yum, yum!

The Atlanta Aquarium

The kids had a great time at the Atlanta Aquarium. Sam's favorite part was being able to touch the stingrays and the sharks in the small tank at the entrance to the Aquarium. Personally, I really enjoyed the sea otters and the groupers.

Blow-Up Pool Play

We enjoyed some jumping in the pool in the Lemberg front yard today. Here are Sam and Tyler competing in a new sport called, pair pool jumping. They had a great time to say the least.

More Fun Times in Atlanta

We had a great time at the park and then Sam even got to finish up camp with Lexa playing a 'caterpillar' game on the tennis courts. We all bathed together with lots of bubbles. There was some storytime with Mr. Mike as well.

Trip to Atlanta

We just returned from our trip to Atlanta and had a great time! Here are some shots at a local playground and in the airplane.

Monster Manners

Here I am, a single mom, and, as you can see, I am being a bit delinquent, videoing my children in the pool instead of swimming with them. Tyler, however, has become quite an avid swimmer, certainly commanding the length of the hot tub with ease, and Sam, of course, would be there to pull him up, or in this case, to jump on top of him...I love the "wait for Tyler" and then Tyler jumps right in!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ice Pops

Something about a hot, Texas summer and ice pops go hand and hand. Sam and Tyler ask almost immediately after waking up for ice pops after dinner or lunch or even breakfast. Thank goodness these are sugar free...they will never know.

Obstacle Course

This morning everyone was up very early (but stayed in their rooms until 6:15, thank goodness), so we let off some steam by setting up an obstacle course. The boys were a bit sweaty after the endeavor, but loved every minute of it!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

More Sea World...

Here are some more dolphin and sea lion shots, enjoy! Oh, and a random boy that Sam went on a roller coaster with, when Tyler was deemed a bit too small and I needed to stay back with him.

Sea World, 2010

Here are some shots of Sam and Tyler at Sea World. We fed the dolphins and visited with the BIG shamu, saw the sea lions and the otters, went to the Shamu show and played in the water park! Lots of FUN!


Here are the boys playing around in the bath. Gotta love the mohawks!