Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tyler at Gymboree

Here is Tyler at his Gymboree class enjoying some running and jumping with friends. He loves getting the stamps at the end of class, tonight I found one on his belly too, now I see how it got there.

Biking Dragons

Here are the boys biking in the garage and driveway wearing their dragon capes under their helmets! Go Dragons!

Go Rampage!!!

A video of the boys enjoying the game. Oh and they loved the zambonis. Can't wait to go back again!

San Antonio Rampage Hockey Game

I took the boys and Sam's friend, Owen, to see the hockey game at the AT&T Center. We had a blast! It is really the best deal of the century, $10 for the game (great seats, hot dogs, chips and a drink). Tyler loved the mascot and the bigger boys loved the checking, power plays and the penalties.

Sam's Russian Lesson

Here is Sam enjoying his Russian lesson.

Tyler Learning Russian

Tyler started Russian lessons last month and has been doing great. It is so wonderful to hear him speak Russian, and his comprehension is fantastic...Mike will be so proud when he returns.

Moose and the Muffin

The boys and I went to a showing of 'If You Give a Moose a Muffin' at our local library and here you see them posing on the set with the cast.

The Best Neighbor

I have a wonderful neighbor, Christina, who whisked me away to Austin for the night so that I could get a good night's rest. Here she is posing with her father right after we fed the deer that hang out in their backyard. We had a blast and I actually overslept, until 6:30!!!

Feliz Compleanos

Here are the boys singing, "Feliz Compleanos" to Martha!

Happy 49th Birthday to Martha!

We went over Martha's house to help her celebrate her birthday last week. We brought over some tasty treats and were thrilled to have the chance to share them with she and her husband, Alejandro.

My Cooks

Tyler and Sam love to help in the kitchen. Here they stand watching the pancakes for the appearance of bubbling to let me know when we should flip them. Very fine cooks, indeed.

Air Show Continued

Here are some more pictures from the Air Show. Sam was a gunner and Tyler was the pilot. They really loved it.

The Air Show

We had a blast at the Air Show, watching a Pearl Harbor reenactment, parachute jumpers and Russian Migs fly by. We went with our friends, Scott and Faye. Scott is in the Air Force and rides F-16s, he is a navigator. So it was great to go with him to the show as he was able to educate us on each aircraft. The boys had fun, although, at times, it was a bit loud and almost too real, with explosions, 'bombs', etc. Very cool.

Up Early

As you are aware, Sam and Tyler are early birds, they take after their parents, I am sure. On Sunday mornings, we go running and, as you can see here, they love to have their hands full on the run, literally. They took puppets to keep themselves warm in the frigid pre-sunrise temperatures. What fun!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The End of the Night

And what better way to end the night, but with a Curious George story, "The Costume Party" all about ghosts and costumes and Halloween. We just cannot wait for Halloween again next year!!

Making Cookies and Trick-Or-Treating

It was a true record, we decorated cookies in our neighborhood, trick or treated at about 10-15 homes and were in bed by 6:45!!! What champs! And the boys had such a great time and had one piece of candy each and then sent the rest to Papa and haven't asked about the candy since.

Pre-Halloween Fun

We had a great Halloween here in San Antonio, made even better by my friend, Bess's, visit from Los Angeles. We had a Darth Vader Lion and a Skeleton. Tyler wanted to be just like big brother, Sam, and wear a mask. Thankfully, Mike had purchased a Darth Vader mask and cape prior to his departure for Iraq, so we were well prepared for that request. Here you see them with their neighbors, Walker and Sadie, enjoying the sunny, warm Texas weather.