Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Decorations

We are SOOOO excited for Halloween and we have been enjoying walking around our neighborhood looking at decorations, we even grabbed our neighbor friend, Mason, to come and join us for some decorations peeping.

Sam on His Bike

Sam is so proud of his bike pedals and no training wheels, sort of a hybrid of bikes. He is balancing so well today. I just took him onto a nice path near our house and he clocked about 4 miles, no sweat!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tyler Rides a Tricycle

Here is a video of Tyler actually pedaling his tricycle. If left to his own vices, he would rather sit and use his feet to walk it rather than pedal, but he is really trying.

The Pumpkin Patch

The kids had fun summiting the mountains of pumpkins, riding the horses (or in Sam's case, the donkey) and listening to the sounds of the country with our friends, the Jaffes and the Friedmans.

Love Creek Orchards

We went to a pumpkin patch about one hour outside of San Antonio, Love Creek Orchards. You can do everything can ride ponies, ride a tractor, ride a train, and listen to country bands. We did it all, including making sand sculptures and painting pumpkins and running through a corn maze. Very fun, indeed!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sam in Action! SCORE!

Here is Sam dribbling around an opponent and really playing quite well. He just missed a shot on the goal during that game, but he tells me he just made 3 goals in practice we are certainly improving.

Sam's Soccer Team

Here was Sam's official photo shoot at soccer last weekend. He really does look like a natural. His team took a serious picture, then a silly picture, they were definitely having some fun. Tyler even got into the action with his big brother.

Sam is Truly 5!

Here is Sam in my scrubs documenting his growth in the 5th year (we have a picture of the boys in scrubs every year for their birthdays. They still seem a bit large, but he is definitely growing!

Tyler Going to the Doctor

Again, Tyler with my shoes, and now on the phone, what a boy! He is willingly heading to the doctors my shoes no less!

Sing-Along with Dr. Apple

Apple led the kids in a song and dance routine during her visit. I think she is saying, "aroostasha", but really not sure what language that might be...Apple???

Playdate with Tyler

Tyler and I went to the zoo the other day. We rode the train and then visited the zoo with a whole host of Tyler's friends. This was our first zoo outing without Sam which was a bit sad for Tyler as he kept asking where Sam was...

Sea World Azul Show

It was like Cirque De Soleil at Sea World, lots of jumping and driving and splashing. The kids (and I) were mesmerized, it was truly a lovely performance.

More Sea World

We went on a few rides, here you see the Sussmann ladies enjoying an egg spin and more Shamu and dolphin feedings.

Sea World, 2010

We took the ladies to Sea World and had a great time (again). This time, we watched the beluga whale show, Azul, and got to take pictures with the performers. Since it is Halloween there, we also walked around searching for scary things, which were everywhere, the boys were in heaven.

"You Are In the Ocean!"

Apple's girls and my boys got along famously, it was if they had know one another for a lifetime, and to think that was the first time they had ever met our Tyler!

Welcoming Dr. Apple, Rosie and Margaret to San Antonio

We were so excited about our DC visitors coming into town, here you can see Sam and Tyler helping me put up the banner that they so wonderfully crafted for their friends.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Darth Lion and the Skeleton

Sam and Tyler have been thinking about Halloween since August, finally we unearthed some costumes and the boys decided to try them on for size. Luckily, for me, they fit and they were so pleased with the selections (yeah!). We have the additional capes with both outfits and Tyler has a Darth Vader mask to really add to the lion's 'roar'.

Mom's Shoes

Honestly, it is sad to say, but I think that the boys walk better in my shoes than I do. You can see them going bug and worm hunting and then Sam was even able to help Tyler go to the bathroom with his heels on, very impressive!

Doobie Visits and Scooby Doo

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The Heintz preschool bear, Doobie, came to visit us and spent a great deal of time sleeping in Sam's bed (we forgot to take him out with us all weekend). We went to Fiesta Texas as well and enjoyed some rides and visiting with Scooby Doo.