Sunday, January 2, 2011

Riding a Bike

We started on the grass, first in our backyard and then on the soccer field. Today, we quickly graduated to the streets in our neighborhood and Sam showed off for neighbors and friends and anyone who would watch. We need to work on his keeping his eyes on the road, however, and not trying to impress so much.

Roller Coaster Riding

The dare devils, Anna and Tyler, sat in front and the big brothers, Owen and Sam, were the caboose. Thankfully everyone stayed in their seats and all had a blast...especially Tyler, in true fearless form, who had his hands raised high the entire ride!

Fiesta Texas

The kids enjoyed the 'tea' cups and the ride up and down on the cowboys.

Skating at Fiesta Texas

We went to Six Flags, Fiesta Texas, on Saturday with the Hurd family. Despite the great weather and a balmy 70 degrees, the kids wanted to try out this synthetic ice rink. It turned out to be much more challenging than real ice but falling did not cause a cold bum, so that was certainly quite positive. Here is Tyler's first time on skates, way to go!