Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tyler's First Birthday

Happy Birthday Tyler! We love you!

Tyler's Birthday Party

We had a little cake for Tyler in Atlanta this weekend to celebrate his first birthday. To say that Tyler LOVED the cake, would be an understatement. We all agreed we had never seen such a ravenous appetite before, he definitely could have out eaten all of us.

Tyler Having Fun in Atlanta

Tyler had a ball with all of the new toys in Atlanta. He really is growing up fast, cannot believe that his birthday is tomorrow. What a big boy!

Hugs and Kisses for Tyler

Tyler was also the center of some attention on our weekend visit to Atlanta. He was feeling all of the love, not only from Sam, but from his newfound friends, Lexa and Jamie.

Sam and his Ladies

Sam and Tyler enjoyed a great weekend of fun and entertainment with their good friends, Lexa and Jamie Lemberg. As you can see from these shots, Sam is really taking advantage of his good fortune, always in the middle of his two beauties.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tyler's Newest Obstacle Course

As Tyler nears his first birthday, he is becoming more and more adventurous. He climbs, slides, crawls in, around and over everything. This ingenious move is one of his all time favorites!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tyler's New Sounds

Tyler loves to play around. His new skill is learning how to make funny noises with his mouth while Mike covers and uncovers it with his hand. Don't know where he learned it, but we seem to remember cousin Jason doing a similar stunt.

Sam's First Soccer Practice

Sam's first day of soccer...warm and sunny day. Sam did well...if you consider running around with 20 other kids playing soccer. He made one shot, and only attempted one. Overall a good experience and Sam was happy.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Giggling Tyler

Here is Tyler enjoying some sunny afternoon weather in San Antonio. Sam is making him laugh out loud which they are both really enjoying. I don't know who is laughing the hardest, Sam, me or Tyler.

Sam at Sea World, Again...

Mike took Sam to Sea World last weekend. It certainly looks like they really had a ball. They ran into Ethan, Sam's good friend, and took in a Shamu show. Sam really enjoyed the big stuffed animals (as he called them).

Purim and Shabbat

Here is Sam walking around with his Torah for Shabbat while wearing his hamentaschen costume. As you can see, he is extremely focused on the task, even bee lining it through the rows to be closer to his good friend, Shamu.

Our Little Hamentaschen

Happy Purim! Sam dressed up like a hamantaschen for his Purim party at school. He was truly edible!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sam and Tyler (11 months) Playing Together

Here is a nice example of some parallel play going on here in San Antonio. Tyler is really developing quite a personality and we are all learning how to share with one another. This is going to take some getting used to...

Monday, March 2, 2009

Sam getting ready for Purim

Sam making hamentashen.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sam and Tyler Playing

Here are Sam and Tyler in a variety of settings. Tyler is trying to acquire some new skills, like climbing up the stairs (which Sam readily encourages), and playing in the sand box, and vacuuming the play room. Life skills...learning early.

Goggle Man to the Rescue

Sam and Tyler took a little break from playing...well, more like Sam playing and Tyler trying to stay out of his way and not get hurt.

Sam hasn't figured out yet that goggles are really meant for the water. He seems to like to open his eyes underwater and use the goggles for extra protection while riding his bike. I finally convinced him it is not cool to wear these things outside the pool area.

Reading the Sunday Newspaper

Sam and papa are enjoying some quiet time reading the Sunday paper together. Sam loves the comics.

Tyler's New Obstacle Course

Tyler has found a new track around the house. He goes through the side table to have ready and quick access to the plug on the island that seems to call to him no matter where he is.

Tyler's Band

Tyler has taken a liking to music. He loves his new music class and has really taken a liking to the wonderful drum set given to Sam by Aunt Alysha and Uncle Jon. Thankfully, Sam was still at school, so Tyler had the entire set to himself, a real first. He enjoyed himself for some time playing lots of catchy tunes.