Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tyler Eating Cantaloupe

Tyler is just expanding his menu every day. Here he is trying to swallow some cantaloupe, he seems to like it.

Tyler Posing for the Camera

Here is a Sunday morning shot of Tyler hamming it up for the camera while lounging. Sam is very busy playing nearby.

Tyler Lounging with Papa

We are all so happy that Mike is back safe and sound, and Tyler, especially, cannot get enough of Mike. He loves to sit on his lap and play. Here he is just posing for the camera.

Swimming in January

We had beautiful weather here last weekend and we took the opportunity to go swimming. We all got into the action and had a blast!

Tyler Learning How to Swim

This was really Tyler's first swimming lesson (that is me doing the teaching), and as you can see, he already has the kick down. He loved to be submerged under the water, he would come up, look surprised and upset, but then begged for more. I think he already is taking after his big brother in the swimming department.

Sam Showing Off

Sam showed off his swimming the other day. Here you can see some underwater swimming as well as some intense reaching and pulling. Good work, Sam!

Sam Goes to Cinderella

Sam enjoyed a performance of Cinderella to celebrate finishing an entire sticker chart. What fun!

Mike's Homecoming

Mike was picked up by Liz and Sam at the airport, and it was a great reunion. I think Sam recognized me, but Sam has changed a lot, for the first time I felt like I was talking to a real person. Our home owners association even put up a nice welcome sign at the front gate. This was a great homecoming.

Sam Playing Basketball

Here are some shots of Sam playing hoops with his team at the JCC. He is a great defender, check out how he throws his arms up, no offense would be able to get by him! The video is a shot of Sam in action, you can hear Tyler and I in the background cheering him on. Go SAM!

Tyler's Favorite Spot

Tyler has found one spot in the house where he can explore and actually reach some of his books. No matter where we put him, when we are downstairs, he always seems to roll/crawl over to the table to find his books. Even Sam got into the action...

Sam Making Up Songs in the Sandbox

While Tyler was enjoying his avocado, Sam was in charge of the dinner show. Here you see him playing in the sandbox, making up some very funny songs. Once he knew the camera was on, however, his songs became even more silly.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tyler Eating an Avocado

Tyler tried to eat an avocado while dining al fresco. I would say he was not too pleased with it...

Sam Climbing the Tree

Sam was feeling a bit adventuresome the other day after a hearty breakfast at the Magnolia Pancake House. He and Tyler had a nice time being the first kids at the park, they had all of the slides to themselves, yeah!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tyler's First Clap

Today Tyler started to clap. Really, when the camera was not on, he was clapping non-stop, but once the camera started to roll, he clammed up. Here he is right after the bath, all clean and warm, being made to perform. He is a very good clapper, take my word for it.

Tyler Sliding with Sam

Here is Tyler going down the slide with his big brother. Sam did a great job taking care of Tyler and staying very close by, sometimes a bit too close.

Sam Playing and Resting

Here is Sam having fun in the playground this morning. Even Donkey had a nice time going down the slide and playing in the sandbox. By the time we were done, Sam was beat, as you can see by the collapse on the sidewalk (not a temper tantrum), just real fatigue.

Tyler Chilling

Here is Tyler spending some quality time outside on the swing in our neighborhood park. He has been feeling a bit under the weather these days, so he really enjoyed being out in the fresh air.

Bouncing At Anna's Party

Here is Sam participating in his favorite activity, bouncing.

Julie's Visit

We all had a great time with Julie during her recent visit to San Antonio. We enjoyed playing around the house, reading books, going out for breakfast and walking through the neighborhood. We hope Julie will tell Amelia and Eliza all about her travels and convince them (and Matt) to come back again for a family visit.

Tyler Hamming it Up for the Camera

Here is Tyler learning how to wink and showing off his brand new teeth. He officially has only one, but 2, 3, and 4 are all making their way in...poor guy.

OOPs, Snuck a Picture at the Alamo

I totally missed the bright red sign that said "No Photography" in the Alamo. Hopefully, I didn't disturb the original frescos. As you can see, Sam is running around the artifacts, is that a gun? Julie is taking it all in (you can see her reading the Alamo brochure in the background).

The Big Boys Celebrate Anna's Birthday

Sam and Owen had a great time at Anna's 2nd Birthday party at the Little Gym. Anna enjoyed being the princess for the day with her very own pink party hat and princess cake. All and all, I think that the big boys had a great day too.

Spanish Story Time

We are all making a concerted effort here to learn Spanish. Sam and Tyler are already pretty great at understanding most of everything that Martha says, it is really just me who needs to get with the program. Here the boys are listening to "Gorilita", or Little Gorilla. As you can see, they are riveted.