Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sam at Chuck E Cheese

Sam had his first experience at Chuck E Cheese celebrating a friend's third birthday. He was a bit timid and very overwhelmed. He did not like the life size mouse, very scary. He did try lots of new things including skee ball, riding a fake pony and playing a video game. In the end, the pizza and the cake helped him ease into some familiarity and he had a great time. [Likely not going back there for a while...]

Apples with Abba

Sam and Papa had a nice time at school today celebrating Rosh Hashanah by eating apples with honey. Sam is looking forward to the New Year so that he can blow his own personal shofar. He has been practicing all week...

Sam's 3rd Birthday Party

Sam had a great birthday party. His friends Jacob, Noah, Ethan and Owen were there with their younger siblings, Eli, Carly, Lauren and Anna. We had a great time swimming and then enjoyed breaking open the pinata and eating cake. Sam was so happy to have Gema and Grandpa at his party, what a special treat!

Sam's Third Birthday At School

Sam celebrated his birthday at school on Shabbat. Gema and Grandpa and Tyler were also there for the celebration (and Mommy). The entire school sang Happy Birthday to Sam in English, then in Hebrew, while Sam stood up at the front of the chapel, a bit wary of all of the attention. The entire family received the honor of leading the school in the washing of the hands and saying the blessing over the challah (Sam made sure we did that one so we could sneak some challah before everyone else). We then shared some pudding with whipped cream on top with his class in celebration.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Grandpa and the boys

Martha and Tyler

Que Guapo!

Feeding Tyler

Here is Mike feeding Tyler, as you can see, Mike really gets into the feeding, himself, watch his facial movements...

Gema is here as well building with Sam.


Here are Sam and Papa enjoying some time outside and Tyler playing in his Exersaucer. What FUN!

Friday, September 19, 2008

School Birthday

Sam had a birthday celebration at school today. He was a bit shy, but overall enjoyed the merriment. Here is a quick video of him enjoying some challah.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Tyler is just learning how to sit at 5 + months. He is more interested, however, in watching big brother, Sam, play with his train.

Tyler Sitting Up

Today Tyler practiced sitting up. He seems to understand the 'tripod' position, but falls over after a few seconds. As you can see here, he is very interested in watching big brother Sam and

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sam has recently become very adept at jumping into the pool and floating on his back. We're very excited to announce Sam's entry into the 2016 Olympic games to tackle Michael Phelps's record.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Surviving Hurricane Ike

Well, we made it. Actually, thankfully, San Antonio was not affected by the storm. We are enjoying some sunny weather and blue skies.

Sam and Tyler are getting along quite well as of late. Tyler lights up when Sam comes into the room. We will see how long that lasts...

Today was a monumental day for Tyler. We started solids and boy did he like it. He kept asking for more, but we had to limit him to one serving. He really did seem to enjoy it. Sam helped out feeding him as well. Overall Tyler did a little better than Sam's first attempt.