Monday, December 27, 2010

Sam's First Bike Ride (no training wheels)!

Sam has been riding his 'stunt' bike for some time now, no training wheels and no pedals...think running on a bike seat. Today we had a friend over and he wanted to ride bikes with Sam so we took the training wheels of Sam's usual bike (because the friend no longer needs them) and he and Sam rode together to the park. After his friend left, Sam wanted to give it a go, and here he is riding in the backyard, expertly! Go Sam!

Mini Ford F150

Our neighbor, Walker, got a mini Ford F150 for Christmas and he (wolverwine) and Sam (spiderman) enjoyed riding around the neighborhood together. As much as I don't love these mini-mobiles, the boys did have a fantastic time!

Fun with Walker and Sadie

We spent Christmas afternoon with our neighbors, Walker and Sadie, and they so kindly showed off all of their new toys. Tyler and Sadie had a great time inside together, while Walker and Sam tooted around on Walker's new Ford F150.

Costume Party

We have recently become very into wearing costumes. In fact, Tyler spent the entire day last week in a Batman costume (that was 2 sizes too big). He went to the park, school, the library and even napped with the entire regalia, cape and all. It was only after Sam realized that it was his costume and forced Tyler to remove it, did Tyler agree to take it off.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Whale, A Dolphin and a Trainer

These boys really loved Sea World. Here they are doing a rendition of the Shamu show, if you listen carefully, Jason is really doing a great job sounding like a dolphin. Next stop, Broadway!

More Sea World Shows

Here is another rendition of 'Azul'. Enjoy!

Azul Show on Fawn Bluff

The boys did their own rendition of the Azul show with an "inducer" (Sam's word for 'introducer'), a trainer, a dolphin and a whale.

Tall Enough!

It turns out that we were all tall enough to ride the Shamu Express roller coaster at Sea World. Sam loved riding up front with Mr. Scott and Tyler and I enjoyed riding right behind them.

Sam's Photographic Eye

Sam took some pictures at the Shamu show which was special for the holiday season, filled with Christmas connotations, a gospel singer, and lots of Jesus talk. Sam actually caught some key images of the whales jumping and splashing.

Azul Show

I can honestly say that my all-time favorite show at Sea World is the Beluga Whale, Azul, show. Try to imagine Cirque-du-soleil meets synchronized swimming meets high diving and extreme swinging all with belugas and dolphins. Very cool, indeed. Here are the boys taking pictures with the very cold and shivering cast members.

Feeding the Dolphins

We went to Sea World yesterday with Aunt Robyn, Jason, and our buddies, Dr. Faye and Mr. Scott. It was great to have another two sets of hands to help with carrying children, riding the roller coaster, or in this case, helping to feed a dolphin or two.

Soccer Fan

I think Tyler is really onto something! He took his table 'booster' seat with him out to play soccer and then when he was feeling a bit tired, he had an instant seat. Perhaps we should market something like that for tailgaters at a football stadium...'buckle in, instant seat!'.

Boys Chilling

We had a lovely visit from Aunt Robyn and Jason this weekend. It was cold by San Antonio standards, a balmy 55 degrees for the Bostonians, but the boys enjoyed some soccer playing and hanging out in the yard.

Another Piano Song

Here is Sam well poised and focused!

Sam's Piano Recital

Check out the use of BOTH hands, go Sam!!!

Piano Recital

Sam had his very first piano recital today. The first picture is his teacher, Ms. Rosalia, and all of her many students (Sam was clearly one of the youngest).

Menorah Lighting

Here you see all 9 candles lit for the last night. We had 4 menorahs going with Sam and Tyler lighting their own. Walker and Stoney lighting one and the Clara and Tessa lighting the fourth. The Sarmiento family was so helpful with lighting the menorahs and taping in the background.

Smashing the Pinata

Who can resist candy falling from the sky?

Chanukah Pinata

Here are some shots of our Chanukah Pinata, or what I have now deemed a Piesman family tradition. The Sarmiento family (Martha, her husband and 2 our of 3 children) came over with the Thetfords and the Jaffes to celebrate the last night of Chanukah. Martha and Alejandro made a pinata for everyone and filled it with treats, like sugar free candies, dreidels, sunglasses, silly bands, etc. The kids LOVED it!!! We are so excited to make this a new San Antonio/Sarmiento/Piesman Chanukah tradition.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Boys on a Sleigh

Happy Holidays to ALL!

Family Fun Festival

We went to a lovely family fun festival last weekend with Melissa (who was here visiting). Here in San Antonio, since we don't have snow, we pretend with shaving cream! Sorry folks in the North East, but it is still 70 degrees here in Texas.

Chanukah Party

Here are the boys singing at the Chanukah party. Go boys!

The Berkus' Chanukah Party

We went to a lovely Chanukah party at our friend's the Berkus. Lots of fun and the boys were front and center for the blessings.