Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Piesman Boys Catch the Snake

We triumphed in the end and caught that snake, we let it out in the garden and that was the last we least for now.

The Swimming Snake

I looked up the snake in our Texas Reptile book and it appears to be a Texas Brown Snake, non-venomous, and about 12 inches in length, phew!

Snake Week in San Antonio

First Mike saw a coral snake during one of his long runs. For those of you not from here, these are very dangerous and can be lethal. The next incident was in the pool when I reached in to clean the filter basket of leaves and a squirming snake took off for a swim in the pool. Of course, Sam and Tyler were thrilled, you can see Sam trying to touch it in the pool skimmer. Rest assured, the pool has been thoroughly cleaned, so come swimming anytime.

Birthday Party at the Kiddie Park

We celebrated Lauren Met's 4th Birthday party at the Kiddie Park on Broadway. The boys enjoyed piloting a plane, riding on the carousel and being the captains of their boats.

Family Shots

Finally we had some folks take our picture as a family and it was so wonderful to be back together again. Mike planned an amazing trip to Utah and we will definitely be back skiing.

Ski Outfits

Thankfully, we have some good friends here who own a sporting goods store. They lent us some great outfits for the boys who looked very sharp. So here is the plug, if you need any sporting goods in San Antonio...head to Good Sports.

Ski Vacation

Here are the boys having fun in the snow. We went sledding on pizza platters (of course both Walmart and Target were out of sleds for the season....).

Utah Trip

We took the boys to Solitude Resort, Utah for a ski vacation.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

"I Got a Feeling"

Tyler showing off some of his hip hop dance moves. Immediately after I took this video, Sam came down with some instruments for some accompaniment.

More Basketball Shots

Here are a few more action shots. You can see Sam really worked on his menacing defense. Go SAM!

Sam's Last Basketball Game

It was a tight game, a team that they had lost to by about 20 early in the season, they managed to lose by only 2 points, what progress...must have been the incredible coaching by Mike Piesman!

My 38th Birthday Celebration

Oh, what fun. Mike organized a great game night, actually our second annual game night, and did we have some stiff competition, real gamers! Here you see Lisa chugging some hot fudge topping, Vanessa eating the ice cream straight out of the container and my gluten-free carrot cake. Thanks Mike. What a blast!

Sam Looking Good

Sam was ready for a nice temple Shabbat, we were having an aliyah honoring Mike's return from Iraq and my birthday. Let's just that the Piesmans sure looked sharp!